Need an accountant who understands the cannabis industry?

Empower Your Cannabis Business with Tailored Accounting Solutions

Buds CFO Offerings

Key Features of Our Core Offerings

Cleanup of books

No matter the status of your books and records. Our onboarding process includes updating your books and records so you will have current information

Financial Reporting

Our monthly processes will provide you with timely, accurate, compliant financial reports that are tailored to the cannabis industry

Cash Projections

Valuable insights into the capital required for efficient management of your cannabis business.

Financial Insight & Analysis

Gain access to comprehensive financial information and real-time data, empowering you to efficiently manage and optimize your cannabis business, leveraging every available opportunity for financial growth and operational effectiveness.

Ongoing 1 - 1 support

Cannabis is still a considered a Schedule 1 Drug, and there are limited options for qualified support. We provide cannabis businesses ongoing support in all aspects of your accounting and will be your liason with banks, attorneys, vendors, etc.

Your #1 source of Cannabis Financial Reports

Our accounting systems facilitate the creation of audit-ready financial reports, enabling businesses to make better decisions with peace of mind.

Why Work With Buds CFO

Audit Ready Financial Reports

Experience Peace of Mind with World-Class Cannabis Accounting Solutions and Tailored Financial Reporting.

Improved Cash Flow

Understand where cash is being spent, when it will be coming in, and the cash required for growth, empowering you to make strategic decisions and feel secure in managing your cash flow.


With the support of Buds CFO, you will gain a trusted advisor who unique requirements of the industry and stay abreast on the latest accounting developments.